Welcome to what we hope will become the number one website for finding out what to do, where to stay and what’s going on in Westward Ho! Devon.

My wife and I are in love with the town and visit as often as we can, however we are always amazed that the tourist information brochures only ever mention the Westward Ho! book, the exclamation mark in the name and the beach! I think this is why Westward Ho! is still a little known gem on the North coast of Devon.

There is so much more to do within a stone’s throw of the town and it is a great place to spend anything from a long weekend to a couple of weeks. This site gives you a holiday maker’s view on the town with as much information as possible on everything you can do while staying at Westward Ho!
We have started work on the site 7th June 2010 and hope to have lots of content live shortly. We would be very happy to add any information you want, so if you have a question about westward Ho! Then please ask it below and we will do our best to answer it prompt and add content to the website ASAP.