Are dogs allowed on Westward Ho! beach?

Dogs are allowed on any part of the beach between 1st October and 30 April.  However during the summer months there are restrictions on which parts of the beach dogs are allowed on as shown by the yellow areas on the map below.

So if you have a dog and want to walk it on the beach in Westward Ho! during the summer months then it is best to first walk along the Northam Burrows road (next to the red section on the map below) and then enter the beach over the walkway at pebbleridge bridge.

Areas where dogs are allowed on Westward Ho! Beach

As with most places these days dog fouling rules apply all year around with quite heavy fines for people caught not picking up after their dog.

Below is a photograph of the sign at the entrance to the Westward Ho! beach that details when dogs are allowed.

The rules about dogs on Westward Ho! beach